Things I do when the weight of the world feels a little too heavy.

These days, we’re all bound to have a day when the world feels a bit heavy. Whether you’re feeling angry with our political climate, anxious over COVID, or just down because you’re lacking a sense of normalcy, your feelings are valid. Our world probably isn’t going back to “normal” anytime soon. Being an empath, I often find myself feeling overwhelmed by the negative emotions of others. I think there is a line between providing emotional support for others, & taking their emotions on yourself. That’s a line that I’m still working on finding. I always say that we can’t control others but we can control our own reactions. Here’s a list of a few of my go-to things to do, when the weight of the world is a little too heavy.

  • Call or text one of my friends, my mom, or my sister.
  • Go for a walk. (John compares me to a houseplant because I NEED sunshine haha)
  • Take a long, luxurious-feeling shower.
  • Put on a favorite song & dance around.
  • Snuggle with my pets.
  • Do something that makes me feel strong & empowered, like a dance workout.
  • Support an organization or cause that I feel passionate about.

These are all really simple things; nothing ground breaking. But I think the most helpful thing to do when you’re feeling discouraged or out of control of things, is to focus on the things you CAN control.

If you’re feeling down today, I hope that you find things you’re able to control to bring a little light back into your day.

Sending light,


Picking Yourself Back Up After a Bad Day

Going for a walk in the sunshine (preferably with my pup!) usually makes a bad day seem a little brighter.

Today was a bad day. One of those hold-back-tears-all-day, order-pasta-on-Uber-Eats- and-drink-wine-when-you-get-home, only-watching-Lizzie-McGuire-on-Disney+-will-help kind of days. I’m sure you’ve been there (& hopefully have healthier coping skills than I do!) and it sucks. It really, really sucks. We all have bad days, (albeit hopefully only once in a while!), but it’s how we handle them & what we learn from them that matters most. If you’re having a rough time today, oof girl I feel you. I know it feels awful in the moment, but you will get through it & you will have a brand new start tomorrow! Read on for some tips on how I deal with less than ideal days.

Acknowledge your feelings: You are upset & your feelings are 100% VALID! Bad days are the worst & maybe you’re feeling sad or hurt or angry or frustrated. LET YOURSELF FEEL THAT WAY! Without judgement, without justification.

Talk it out: Maybe it’s a FaceTime with your big sis, happy hour with your best friend, or a snuggle sesh with your boyfriend & pets. Talk to someone about how you are feeling! Trust me, you don’t want all of that negative energy staying pent up inside. I promise you’ll feel at least a little lighter once you vent; and hey, a margarita doesn’t hurt either!

Take action: A lot of the time, bad days are out of our control. Once you’ve survived the day & are in your cozy sweatpants, it’s time to take some of your power back. Do something that will help you feel better! Write down a to-do list if you’re feeling overwhelmed with work tasks, give yourself a facial or work out if you’re feeling anxious, or watch movies with your girlfriends if you’re upset. Choose something that makes your soul happy & will lift you up!

If you are reading this & had a bad day, I’m sending you the biggest hug right now. I hope these tips (that I will for sure be using tonight!) give you some ideas for how to feel at least a little bit better. Take deep breaths, you’ve got this. Tomorrow is a new day!