Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone

Wear the clothes you want to wear!

I kid you not, one of my favorite outfits in 4th grade was a white skirt with black & white polka dot leggings underneath. In 5th grade, I wore a hot pink blazer with a pink & orange floral top under it. Bright colors, sequins, bold patterns, I would wear it all. I never had an issue wearing exactly what I wanted to wear, no matter how daring or out there it was.

Then, society began to tell me to wear what was “flattering”. I was told to wear dark colors, they were far more slimming. I was told to not wear stripes, they would make me look wide. Don’t wear anything form-fitting, don’t wear anything sparkly. There were so many rules & suddenly, I was only focused on making myself look smaller. On wearing what would “flatter” my body.

I’m starting to see trying new trends that I love as a form of self-care. It’s so easy to get into a rut & only wear what we are used to, what makes us feel the most comfortable, what makes us look the smallest. It’s fun & feels like a way to celebrate my body, to try out a new trend like this utility style jumpsuit. I’ve seen jumpsuits like this on women with smaller bodies, but have been a little afraid to try it out for myself.

I found this jumpsuit on Thred Up, but it’s originally from Old Navy. I’ve seen some similar styles at Target & Madewell too, if you’re looking for a jumpsuit like this. It’s comfortable, HAS POCKETS, & feels just outside of my comfort zone; enough that it feels fresh & fun to style. It’s no polka dotted legging, but it’s a tiny step toward that bold, confident self from 4th grade; before society taught me that taking up less space meant that I was worth more.

Comfy + has pockets= always a winner in my book!

Wear what you love, regardless of whether society deems it “flattering”. Regardless of if a magazine told you you’re an “apple” or a “pear”. Maybe I’ll do a blog post soon about categorizing women’s bodies into types of fruit, because I think it’s kinda bullshit. Wear what you love, because your body deserves to be celebrated.

You only get one life, don’t spend it in clothes that don’t feel like YOU.


Cute & Comfy WFH Outfits

I’m working from home now, which I’m so thankful to be able to do! It’s been a little challenging to get into the swing of things, especially when I’m not feeling motivated to get dressed (I need to look semi- presentable, since I’m teaching my students live & have staff meetings on Zoom). I’ve really noticed a big difference in my productivity when I do get dressed, so I’ve been focusing on wearing comfortable outfits that make me feel at least a little put together.

I know that a lot of us currently might not be shopping, so I wanted to be mindful of that & pick items you might have in your closet already! You most likely have sweatpants, a jumpsuit, a cozy cardigan, & a T-shirt; you can definitely use those items to come up with similar, comfy looks! Also, it’s totally fine if you’re not in the headspace to get ready for the day yet; pajamas work too! I’ve organized a few outfits from most casual to something that will look polished if you have an important Zoom meeting.

I’ve been living in matching sweatsuits 90% of the time. These sweatpants & matching sweatshirt (they have a cropped T version too!) are insanely comfortable! I love the tie dye version too!
A stretchy jumpsuit is perfect for looking a little more polished while still feeling like you’re in pajamas. I couldn’t find my exact one but I’ve linked a similar one; throw on a cozy cardigan for next level coziness!
You’re the real MVP if you’re putting on actual pants during this time, but I wanted to include an option for my gals who miss wearing jeans! I LOVE this T-Shirt. It’s from a small business called She Wears Power, & it’s owned by the sweetest gal (@thebodyneedslove on Instagram, give her a follow!) It says “No Rain=No Flowers” & I think that’s the perfect positive reminder for times like these.
I haven’t actually be able to wear this sweater blazer out anywhere yet, but it’s the perfect piece to amp up your WFH look if you have a big meeting!

I hope this post inspires you to put together some cute & comfy outfits of your own! Whatever this new normal looks like for you, I hope you’re finding time for things that feed your soul & make you smile. Sometimes, that’s as simple as throwing on a favorite outfit.

Always sending you love & light,