Current Favorite Outfits

Well, it’s happened. Most of my jeans are feeling snug. I can still get them buttoned, but I’m definitely not comfortable wearing them all day long, especially sitting down. If this had happened to me even a year ago, it would have triggered a downward spiral of hateful thoughts & attempting the latest fad diet. It would have caused me to spend time in front of the mirror, pinching my stomach & thighs, wishing them away. It would have made me go to the gym, but for all the wrong reasons.

I choose to be gentle with myself. I choose patience & understanding. I choose acceptance & dare I say, love. I choose to focus on my accomplishments, the things I’m thankful for, & the things my body allows me to do. I want to keep taking care of myself, body & soul.

Am I drinking enough water? Am I moving my body & eating food that fuels it? Am I doing things that makes me smile? If I can answer yes to those questions on most days, that’s enough for me right now. There are days in this quarantine that maybe the answer is no, but all I can do is accept it and try again tomorrow.

If you’re feeling down about your body today, what’s a step you can take to lift yourself up? Today for me, it was as simple as trying on a few of my favorite outfits. These outfits make me feel confident & help me to embrace my body!

This jumpsuit is so cozy, I haven’t wanted to take it off! I’ve been styling it with white sneakers & a denim jacket.
I LOVE kimonos, especially with a pretty floral pattern like this one! This exact one is sold out right now but here is a similar one.
I’ve been on the hunt for a tank similar to this one! I love it paired with my denim shorts, there are old from Madewell.
Loft has been having such great sales lately! I snagged this short sleeved cardigan for $8 the other day. Keep an eye out for their sales!
I’ve had this dress (that I obviously did not iron lol) in the teal color for awhile & HAD to get another color. I wear this all the time & love the green color for summer!
This dress is one of my favorite Amazon finds, ever! I love the sleeves & the tie is so flattering.

It’s not easy, but we can learn to accept & love our bodies at any size, shape, or stage of our lives. If you’re struggling, I’m sending you a big hug!

Talk to you soon,


Cute & Comfy WFH Outfits

I’m working from home now, which I’m so thankful to be able to do! It’s been a little challenging to get into the swing of things, especially when I’m not feeling motivated to get dressed (I need to look semi- presentable, since I’m teaching my students live & have staff meetings on Zoom). I’ve really noticed a big difference in my productivity when I do get dressed, so I’ve been focusing on wearing comfortable outfits that make me feel at least a little put together.

I know that a lot of us currently might not be shopping, so I wanted to be mindful of that & pick items you might have in your closet already! You most likely have sweatpants, a jumpsuit, a cozy cardigan, & a T-shirt; you can definitely use those items to come up with similar, comfy looks! Also, it’s totally fine if you’re not in the headspace to get ready for the day yet; pajamas work too! I’ve organized a few outfits from most casual to something that will look polished if you have an important Zoom meeting.

I’ve been living in matching sweatsuits 90% of the time. These sweatpants & matching sweatshirt (they have a cropped T version too!) are insanely comfortable! I love the tie dye version too!
A stretchy jumpsuit is perfect for looking a little more polished while still feeling like you’re in pajamas. I couldn’t find my exact one but I’ve linked a similar one; throw on a cozy cardigan for next level coziness!
You’re the real MVP if you’re putting on actual pants during this time, but I wanted to include an option for my gals who miss wearing jeans! I LOVE this T-Shirt. It’s from a small business called She Wears Power, & it’s owned by the sweetest gal (@thebodyneedslove on Instagram, give her a follow!) It says “No Rain=No Flowers” & I think that’s the perfect positive reminder for times like these.
I haven’t actually be able to wear this sweater blazer out anywhere yet, but it’s the perfect piece to amp up your WFH look if you have a big meeting!

I hope this post inspires you to put together some cute & comfy outfits of your own! Whatever this new normal looks like for you, I hope you’re finding time for things that feed your soul & make you smile. Sometimes, that’s as simple as throwing on a favorite outfit.

Always sending you love & light,