Things I Learned at 25

Hi there!

Today is my last day before I turn 26! I thought it might be fun to reflect on all that I learned this past year. It was a challenging year that definitely tested me & taught me about myself. Here’s a few things I learned!

  • I’m more adaptable to change than I thought. I’m a cautious person who has a little bit of fear surrounding change. This year I proved to myself that I can adapt & make it through challenging times.
  • Making memories with loved ones is by far most important to me. Material things don’t mean much compared to spending quality time with my family & friends. Being able to spend time with them now is something I don’t take for granted!
  • Gratitude can get me through the hardest times. I lean heavily on gratitude to manage my anxiety symptoms. Even on my hardest days, I have so much to be grateful for.

These are things that I know I’ll carry into this next year. I’m thankful to be able to celebrate my birthday with loved ones this year, & can’t wait for a summer full of outdoor dining, swimming, & backyard hangouts.

How lucky am I to have so much love in my life?

Another quick note: I’m growing as a person & continuing to grow my little online community. If you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my words, to engage in my Instagram content, to have inspiring conversations.

I’m looking forward to 26 & all that it brings! I hope you’re having a good week!


25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years

Hi there!

Today is my 25th birthday! My day looks so different than what I thought it would, but I’m making the most of it & it’s been a great day so far. I have SO much to be thankful for & have been feeling a little emotional today; my family & friends have gone completely above & beyond to make me feel so special & loved! My birthday is always a time of reflection for me. I like to think back on the previous year: my growth, my experiences, the people who have impacted me. Then I like to plan ahead for this new year & what I want to accomplish. Here are 25 lessons that I’ve learned during my 25 years of life so far!

1. You can’t control others’ actions, but you do have control over your own reaction.

2. True friends will make you feel inspired & uplifted after spending time with them, not emotionally drained.

3. Self growth can feel so uncomfortable, even painful at times, but is necessary!

4. No one can read your mind-either express how you are feeling or be okay with things not changing.

5. It’s 100% fine to set boundaries to protect your mental health!

6. Sometimes the cheapest option isn’t the best deal (this goes for everything but especially hair salons!!)

7. It’s okay to be alone with your thoughts.

8. Comparison really is the thief of joy.

9. Empathy is a superpower!

10. Forgive yourself for past mistakes & do better now.

11. It’s better to have a handful of close, true friends than it is to have a hundred acquaintances.

12. Difficult, sad times make you appreciate the joyful times even more.

13. Being sensitive does not mean you’re weak!

14. If you have a gut feeling about something, trust it.

15. There’s nothing better than laughing so hard you cry.

16. Hang up your clothes after you take them down damn it! (Still working on this one, tbh.)

17. Take time for yourself & do things that feed your soul.

18. People prioritize things that are important to them.

19. Always, always TRY to choose grace. In every situation.

20. Take the extra time to plan beforehand so you can be more organized & less anxious.

21. A flowy dress does wonders for your confidence!

22. You only get one body, so learn to love & appreciate it during every stage of life!

23. Life is too short to hold grudges. Again, choose grace.

24. Be intentional with your time; life is short!

25. Tell people you love that you love them, as often as you can!

I hope that 25 is a year of making happy memories with people I love, some emotional growing pains as I continue to self reflect & evolve, & so, so much love. If today is any indication, I’m off to a good start! Thank you to my family & friends for making me feel such an abundance of love today & every day. I couldn’t be happier to spend my day with my little family of John, Luke, & Phoebe. Here’s to 25!