Things I Learned at 25

Hi there!

Today is my last day before I turn 26! I thought it might be fun to reflect on all that I learned this past year. It was a challenging year that definitely tested me & taught me about myself. Here’s a few things I learned!

  • I’m more adaptable to change than I thought. I’m a cautious person who has a little bit of fear surrounding change. This year I proved to myself that I can adapt & make it through challenging times.
  • Making memories with loved ones is by far most important to me. Material things don’t mean much compared to spending quality time with my family & friends. Being able to spend time with them now is something I don’t take for granted!
  • Gratitude can get me through the hardest times. I lean heavily on gratitude to manage my anxiety symptoms. Even on my hardest days, I have so much to be grateful for.

These are things that I know I’ll carry into this next year. I’m thankful to be able to celebrate my birthday with loved ones this year, & can’t wait for a summer full of outdoor dining, swimming, & backyard hangouts.

How lucky am I to have so much love in my life?

Another quick note: I’m growing as a person & continuing to grow my little online community. If you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my words, to engage in my Instagram content, to have inspiring conversations.

I’m looking forward to 26 & all that it brings! I hope you’re having a good week!


Happy One Year Anniversary to My Blog!

Thanks for being here! Your support means the world to me. I’m inspired by you & thankful for you every day!

43 blog posts. 2,456 views. Several brand collaborations, & countless inspiring conversations.

I’m so lucky! I wanted to start this blog for years before I finally did it. The idea that I could share my love for fashion & beauty while empowering other women to love themselves seemed too good to be true. Here we are, one year after I posted my first blog post.

If something feels scary but you feel called to do it, you should do it! Don’t let your own doubts hold yourself back. I’ll never regret creating this blog, but I may have regretted it if I never took that first step & just STARTED.

This blog has given me so much. It’s given me inspiration, creativity, & a built-in way for me to process my emotions & experiences, good & bad.

When you’re in my little corner of the internet, I hope you feel encouraged to love yourself as you are. I hope you feel empowered to do anything you want to do. I hope you feel inspired to always be kind & know that to be vulnerable is to be brave. I’m so thankful to you for being here!



Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone

Wear the clothes you want to wear!

I kid you not, one of my favorite outfits in 4th grade was a white skirt with black & white polka dot leggings underneath. In 5th grade, I wore a hot pink blazer with a pink & orange floral top under it. Bright colors, sequins, bold patterns, I would wear it all. I never had an issue wearing exactly what I wanted to wear, no matter how daring or out there it was.

Then, society began to tell me to wear what was “flattering”. I was told to wear dark colors, they were far more slimming. I was told to not wear stripes, they would make me look wide. Don’t wear anything form-fitting, don’t wear anything sparkly. There were so many rules & suddenly, I was only focused on making myself look smaller. On wearing what would “flatter” my body.

I’m starting to see trying new trends that I love as a form of self-care. It’s so easy to get into a rut & only wear what we are used to, what makes us feel the most comfortable, what makes us look the smallest. It’s fun & feels like a way to celebrate my body, to try out a new trend like this utility style jumpsuit. I’ve seen jumpsuits like this on women with smaller bodies, but have been a little afraid to try it out for myself.

I found this jumpsuit on Thred Up, but it’s originally from Old Navy. I’ve seen some similar styles at Target & Madewell too, if you’re looking for a jumpsuit like this. It’s comfortable, HAS POCKETS, & feels just outside of my comfort zone; enough that it feels fresh & fun to style. It’s no polka dotted legging, but it’s a tiny step toward that bold, confident self from 4th grade; before society taught me that taking up less space meant that I was worth more.

Comfy + has pockets= always a winner in my book!

Wear what you love, regardless of whether society deems it “flattering”. Regardless of if a magazine told you you’re an “apple” or a “pear”. Maybe I’ll do a blog post soon about categorizing women’s bodies into types of fruit, because I think it’s kinda bullshit. Wear what you love, because your body deserves to be celebrated.

You only get one life, don’t spend it in clothes that don’t feel like YOU.


Supergoop! Glow Screen Review

Happy weekend!

Summer maybe looked different this year but one thing that stays the same, regardless of circumstance, time of year, or weather is how important it is to protect our skin! Wearing sunscreen is something I haven’t always been the most consistent with; I would lather up before a beach or pool day but the idea of putting it on every single day seemed so tedious to me.

I recently turned 25, & while I’m not really seeing signs of aging in my skin, I want to start preventing those things NOW. I want to protect my complexion against harmful UV rays so that issues with my skin down the road can hopefully be prevented.

I recently started using Supergoop! & I am SO impressed with their Glow Screen. This post isn’t sponsored or anything, I truly just felt like I needed to shout my praise for this product off of rooftops! It’s SPF 40, & works well as a hydrating primer before makeup. THE. GLOW. You guys, even without any makeup this product makes my skin look like an Instagram filter; it’s the perfect amount of glow for summertime (& let’s be real, all year long)!

I use this by itself as a sunscreen (like here!) & under makeup as a primer. Love it either way!

I’m holding my very first giveaway on my Instagram page, @daniellecdelgado. I love the Glow Screen so much, I want to gift one of my amazing followers with their own to try out & hopefully love just as much. It’s not sponsored, I just want to say thank you for following me. Check out my Instagram for more details!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Talk to you soon,


Weighing Less Does Not Mean Being Worth More

I’ve spent my whole life with the goal to try to lose weight. I would research the latest diets, fitness teas, tips & tricks because I wanted results FAST. It didn’t really matter to me if I did it in a healthy way, honestly.

My new health journey is VERY recent. Like literally only about two weeks old. I’m not doing anything drastic or restrictive, & honestly I find weight loss goals to be pretty triggering, so I’m not doing that either. I’m simply eating healthier (more vegetables, home-cooked meals, minimizing junk food), drinking more water, & moving my body. No rules, no fads, no counting, just doing what feels good. & THAT feels good!

I’ve done a lot of self reflection in the past year; just trying to separate myself from that unhealthy dieting culture, restrictive eating, etc. The goal was always weight loss: how much weight could I lose? How quickly could I go down sizes? I realized recently that I used to believe that weighing less would cause myself to love myself more; that somehow weighing less would add to my value as a person. That’s incredibly inaccurate. I know that now, & hope you do, too.

I’m focusing on my health for the first time, not my weight.

For the first time in my life, the goal is not to lose weight but instead to just be healthier. If weight loss comes with that, then I’ll love my body as it changes that way too. But I’m trying my best to not let that be the focus of why I’m doing this. I just want to be healthier & feel good.

I’ll keep you updated on this little health journey of mine! Don’t let diet culture & comparison rule your life; change your mindset into a healthier one first. It’s hard, but worth it.


I’m Co-Hosting a Podcast!

This is Samantha! She’s my big sis/best friend/biggest inspiration/partner in crime.

Hi there!

I’m going to start out a little bit sappy today, but only because I miss my sister like CRAZY. Samantha is my absolute best friend; we lean on each other during the tough times & are first in line to celebrate each other during the happy times. Like so many of you I’m sure, I haven’t seen my sister since Christmas which is probably the longest we’ve EVER been apart. We’ve resorted to watching movies & drinking wine over FaceTime (still a pretty fun time, so I can’t complain too much!) but I can’t wait to be able to hug her & hang in person! Something that she & I have always talked about & supported each other through is our journeys toward body positivity; we’ve talked for hours & hours about our bodies, our goals, & our experiences, but in the last few years our conversations regarding our body image has become much more positive & about navigating this new healthier mindset.

We’ve been each other’s biggest fans since day 1!

We think everyone should have a sister to support them through their self love journey which is why… we started a podcast!

Our podcast, Can You Talk?, is all about self love & body confidence. Samantha & I each have our own stories to share & we also learn so much from each other. We have different body types & experiences but share a common goal of wanting to love ourselves better.

One of my favorite memories! It was our first night in Madrid & we danced flamenco on stage! (After delicious food & wine, obv.)

Some of my favorite conversations with readers since I’ve started this blog has been conversations about body image; I think this podcast will definitely be something that my readers can relate to & will hopefully enjoy listening to!

Our first episode is out now & available to listen to on Spotify, Google, & Apple podcasts. We hope you’ll listen & let us know what you think!

If you’re missing family members you can’t be with right now, I feel you & I’m with you. We’ll get through this!

Can’t wait to be able to hang out in person again BUT we are having so much fun co-hosting this podcast!


Black-Owned Businesses To Shop, Support, & Be Inspired By

I know many content creators, myself included, have taken this past week off to educate themselves & amplify Black voices. That work does not stop simply because the week is over; we must continue to reflect on our personal biases, educate ourselves as much as possible, & amplify Black voices in every way that we can. We cannot just take a week off & then go back to our usual programming.

I don’t want to center myself at all, so I’ll just leave it at the fact that I’m uncomfortable that it’s taken me so long to be more intentional about the brands I support, the creators I follow on social media, & the businesses I’m promoting on this blog. I’m sitting in that discomfort, as we all should; I will do better moving forward, as I continue to learn & advocate more.

Here are some businesses owned by women in the Black community that I’ve purchased products from this past week! I ordered a few things that I’m really excited for & I can’t wait to support these brands in the long run.

Juvia’s Place: I’ve heard really great things about this makeup brand (especially their eyeshadow palettes!) so I’m looking forward to playing with this palette and gel eyeliner set. Update: this palette is STUNNING & the eyeliner stays all day long (through the FL summer heat; I’m so impressed!)

The Tiny Tassel: I’ve been loving a bold earring, & these in the blush ombré will be so fun with summer outfits.

The Juno Studio (on Etsy!): Again, love a good bold earring. I can’t wait to style the mustard yellow ones!

The Baked Clay Studio: I honestly didn’t realize how many new earrings I had ordered until making this post! These are so colorful & fun; I love how unique they are. (The shop will be restocked on 6/11!) Update: I ordered another pair from Kristin because these are just that good!

I’m obsessed with these! The colors are beautiful & make me so happy!

Mary Louise Cosmetics: I bought the Miracle Serum to try, & if the reviews & before/after photos on Instagram are any indication I think I’ll love it! Update: This product is AMAZING. I will repurchase for the rest of my life, I’m not kidding!

Loving Culture: Something I’ve always struggled with is a dry, flaky scalp; I’m hoping this hair oil might do the trick! Update: This oil is super soothing on my scalp and has taken the flakes away! DS

I can’t wait to update you on these products once I receive them & try them out! Behind these brands are inspiring, beautiful Black women who deserve all of the support & success. I hope you’ll check out their businesses! Moving forward on this blog, I will continue to share & explore my love of fashion, beauty & self care but I will be intentional in highlighting Black-owned businesses.

Sending you light!


My Interview with Carmindy from Carmindy Beauty and “What Not to Wear”!

Hi there!

I told myself to try to play it cool but I’m FREAKING out because I had the pleasure of interviewing Carmindy! She’s been one of my favorite makeup artists for as long as I can remember. I have vivid memories of watching the show “What Not To Wear” for hours & hours, & hearing her makeup tips was my favorite part. She launched her makeup line, Carmindy Beauty, in 2019 with QVC & has continued to inspire women around the world to enhance their natural beauty.

Carmindy inspires me because she empowers women to feel their most confident! She has a less is more approach to makeup, & helps women enhance their natural beauty with high quality beauty products she creates with busy, powerful women in mind. During this interview, we chatted about what inspires her, getting through difficult times, & her morning routine. Keep reading to be as inspired by Carmindy as I am!

1. What is the one beauty product that makes you feel most confident, especially if you’re having a bad day?

My CARMINDY BEAUTY Foundation @qvc it’s everything!!!! You can use it thin as a tint or like medium coverage depending on the type of skin day you are having.

2. Who or what inspired your “less is more” approach when it comes to makeup?

My momma Julie Bowyer who was a watercolorist when I was growing up. Sheer washes of pigment on a canvas inspired me to try it with makeup and it always looked timeless and beautiful.

3. How do you empower yourself when going through difficult times?

Staying positive, lots of humor, hanging with happy, empowered friends and using creative visualization to manifest what’s next. Also let things go. Holding on to negativity serves nobody!

4. What does your typical morning routine look like?

I always wake up with my Insight Timer app music playing. Then I put on a 5 minute guided meditation from the same app. Next, I make myself herbal tea or coffee (if I’m still tired), eat a healthy breakfast and read the news in the Need2Know app as it gives me the musts without going into the hellish news on tv. I don’t have a tv. Then I go to Rumble Training (clearly not now since everything is shut down). After that it’s work work work.

Carmindy is every bit as kind & magical as I imagined she’d be. This was the coolest experience & I’m so honored that she was willing to be interviewed for this blog! Let’s talk about her makeup products: I’m the BIGGEST fan of her 5 Minute Face Kit; it’s been featured on this blog a bunch of times already, but only because I use it every. single. day! It comes with the:

One of my favorite makeup purchases, ever! It’s on sale right now, linked here.

Carmindy mentioned that her foundation is a product she counts on to amp up her confidence. I haven’t tried it yet (placing an order to try it ASAP; might try her whole Carmindizing Skin System!) but I know that it will be incredible. I can’t wait to try out her other products!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Carmindy. She is so inspiring & creates beautiful products that I love. I highly recommend her 5 Minute Face kit, & I’ll definitely report back with a review of any other products I try. Please support her makeup line & let me know how much you love the products, too! I’ve linked her beauty website in case you’re interested in getting to know Carmindy more (she also just launched a new online show, In(Her) Beauty, make sure to watch!) , her products on QVC (they’re on sale + she launches a new lipgloss trio TODAY!) & her Instagram.

Thanks so much for reading!


Things I do when I’m feeling less-than-confident

I mentioned in my last blog post that I definitely have days that I still don’t love my body or feel the most confident. Yesterday was one of those days! A coworker asked if I was pregnant, because “all of the kids in class were asking”. I told her that no, I wasn’t, & may or may not have cried in my car on my way home. I’ve had kids ask me that before, but it can easily be brushed off when a child asks; this time stung more because it was an adult, & it really hurt if I’m being honest.

If you’ve ever had someone make a comment that made you feel bad about your body, I’m sorry. I thought it might be helpful (for both of us!) to share some ideas for bouncing back after your confidence takes a hit.

Self Care: Just like you would take care of your best friend if someone hurt her feelings, you need a little extra TLC. I’m a big fan of a good ol’ face mask & glass of wine!

Reach out to your support system: I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have the sister & friends that I do. I texted my sis & best friend in the car before I left work, & they both had such kind words that comforted me when I got home. If you can’t think of encouragement for yourself in the moment, the people closest to you will be able to. Let them!

Set yourself up for a confident day: Today, I made sure that I wore an outfit that makes me feel confident; one that I’ve gotten compliments on, that is comfortable & feminine. I woke up a few minutes earlier so that I could do my hair & makeup, to feel like my most put together & polished self. Even if you’re not feeling your most confident, fake it ’til you make it! A swipe of your favorite lipstick can do wonders.

I left work feeling so blah yesterday. My immediate reaction, honestly, was to go to the gym & punish my body for failing me in this way. A workout should be a celebration of what our bodies can do, & never a punishment. I made the decision to write about the experience instead, which helped me process my feelings & handle it in a healthier way.

I hope you’re feeling confident today- you are beautiful, strong, & powerful.

Have a great week,


My Current Favorites..

Hi beauties!

We made it halfway through the week! When the week seems to drag a bit, I like to focus on things I’m grateful for (I usually make a mental gratitude list on my commute; instant mood lifter!) This definitely helped today when one of my students asked “Ms. Delgado, why do you look like you’re having a baby?”

In case you were wondering, 2nd graders are not always ideal to boost your self esteem. Luckily I have awesome coworkers who I was able to vent to & my face returned back to its normal color pretty quickly!

Anyway, I just wanted to pop on here to share a few products that I’ve been loving lately; I hope that they might make the rest of your week a little brighter!

Good American jeans: THE BEST jeans I have ever put on my body. I’m not even kidding! They are a splurge but I have seen them on sale on Nordstrom Rack’s website. That’s where I ordered mine for about 50% off! Still more than I’ve ever spent on jeans but WORTH IT. They are so comfy + make the booty look incredible; what else could you want?? Proof below!

I’m wearing the Good Waist jeans here; so comfortable & flattering!

Coconut oil: I had a pretty terrible hair salon experience recently & my hair was left practically destroyed. I’ve been lathering my hair in coconut oil lately as a deep conditioning mask and it’s made a huge difference in the health of my hair!

Minimal makeup: I’ve been loving the Carmindy 5 Minute Face Kit for the quickest daytime look you’ve ever seen-this girl loves to sleep in past her alarm so I’m usually rushing to do my makeup in my car. I’m all for anything that makes my morning routine quicker!

I’ve been using the Carmindy 5 Minute Face Kit every day for the perfect no makeup-makeup.

Instant Pot: I got an instant pot as one of my Christmas gifts this year (thanks Mom & Dad!) & it is one of the best things to ever happen to me! So sorry to all of the people I’ve been annoying lately talking about how great it is. I mean it though! I’ll be honest, I’m super lazy when it comes to cooking & used to order takeout way too often. This time saver makes it so easy & I basically have no excuses not to cook at home.

What products are you loving right now? Share those & any instant pot recipes you love (because again, I’m obsessed). I hope your week is filled with belly laughs, good makeup days & delicious food.

Thanks for reading,