My Mental Health

When discussing mental health, I like to preface the post with a disclaimer. It's never my intention for my blog to be triggering to anyone; if you are struggling and need help, please utilize the resources that are linked at the bottom of this page. My hope is that in sharing my experience, I might [...]

Picking Yourself Back Up After a Bad Day

Going for a walk in the sunshine (preferably with my pup!) usually makes a bad day seem a little brighter. Today was a bad day. One of those hold-back-tears-all-day, order-pasta-on-Uber-Eats- and-drink-wine-when-you-get-home, only-watching-Lizzie-McGuire-on-Disney+-will-help kind of days. I'm sure you've been there (& hopefully have healthier coping skills than I do!) and it sucks. It really, really [...]