I’ve Been Blogging for Two Years?!

Hey there,

I JUST realized that today is the two year anniversary of this blog! I’m so thankful to have a safe space to write & be vulnerable. In a world that can very easily begin to feel dark, this blog provides me with an encouraging community that relates to my content & a fun way to express myself. So I want to say THANK YOU, for reading my blog posts, engaging with me on my Instagram, & inspiring me daily. I’m amazed by the community of women I have around me in my daily life & my online space as well.

If my blog posts or Instagram posts help to help, empower, inspire one person out there, it is so worth it. I remember being so scared to start this blog; I didn’t know how to manage a blog, I hated looking at photos of myself, & I wasn’t sure if I had anything worth saying. I’m proud of myself for figuring things out as I go, for working hard on my relationship with my body, & for being vulnerable on this platform. Thank you for sticking around the last two years; it’s so much fun to grow alongside you.



8 thoughts on “I’ve Been Blogging for Two Years?!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for your comment!! Connect with the people reading your content, build those friendships, & write about things that you’re passionate about. That honesty & vulnerability will come through in your posts.

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