Don’t Forget to Celebrate

Hi friends,

You are AMAZING! You are kind, intelligent, strong, successful. You’re doing so much & I want you to take a moment & CELEBRATE that. That’s what today’s blog post is about: celebrating.

I hope your week is off to a good start so far! We’ve had a lot going on lately & things are about to get a little crazier… We’re starting the house hunting process! This feels a bit stressful but John makes most things in life more fun so I’m excited to be doing this alongside him. I can’t wait for Theo to have a fenced in yard (& for us to have a second bathroom, hallelujah!)

We also just booked our wedding venue (contract signed, deposit put down, the whole shebang!) so that feels exciting too.

These things are BIG. & a little scary. & could easily become really overwhelming (hi it’s me lately, on the struggle bus depending on the day!) so we’ve been finding small ways to celebrate these big steps we’re taking.

We drove 40 minutes away on Sunday to explore the town of Celebration & had the most magical day date. It felt so nice to get fresh air, eat dinner on a patio of a new-to-us restaurant, & watch the sunset with some treats from Kilwin’s. Something as simple as cooking dinner together & breaking out a new bottle of wine can feel celebratory, or setting aside time to watch a favorite show together. It’s important to take a look at how far you’ve come & celebrate that!

Don’t forget to celebrate little things, too! You made it through the work day? Treat yourself (cue Tom from Parks & Rec!) I hope that reading this encourages you to take time each day to celebrate something, because you deserve it!


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