Packing for 4 Days in a Personal Item!

Hi there! I hope you’re having a great week so far. I’m planning a visit to NC to visit my sister & I’m so excited! (I think when this post is published, I’ll already be there!) I can’t wait to see her new house, cuddle with my pup nephew, & have some sister time!

I’m flying on Frontier, which means I didn’t want to pay extra for a carry-on & will be packing in a personal item ONLY. This is the longest trip I’ve done this for (usually I only visit NC for 1-2 days!) so this might be challenging but I’m up for it! I’m leaving Friday & getting back Tuesday.

An easy, breezy dress like this one is perfect for trips like this!

I’m someone who really enjoys planning a trip! I love gathering things I need & the excitement of packing my bag. While I’m no professional, I like to think I’ve found some good tips that help make things easier in my travels. Keep reading for my packing process!

1. Make a list of outfits! I plan out the outfits I want to wear each day that I’ll be at my destination, along with which shoes & accessories I want to pair with each one. Here’s what my list looks like so far for this trip!

Friday-pink t-shirt dress, white sneakers, denim jacket

Saturday-maxi skirt, white wrap top, white sneakers

Sunday-red & pink dress, sandals

Monday-chambray wrap dress, white sneakers

Tuesday-maxi skirt, graphic t-shirt

2. I go through my list & try on the outfits, making sure that everything fits & goes together.

3. Next, I write out the makeup, toiletries, & any other miscellaneous things I need to remember. I keep my makeup & hair products pretty simple to save space in my bag. If I forget anything or need anything, I can either borrow something from my sis or pop into Target! Here’s the makeup I’m bringing.


Mini glow screen

Rare foundation

Rare concealer

Rare blush

Ilia eyeshadow

Eyeliner (liquid & gel)


2 lipstick options

These are my must-have every day products!

I use packing cubes to keep everything organized & to squeeze as much as I can into the small space.

& that’s pretty much it! It’s my last day of my trip right now & I’ve used almost everything that I packed. I’m having the best time here & I’ll be sad to go home BUT I can’t wait to see my little family when I get back. I’ve missed them!

Have a great week,


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