Pack with me for Savannah!

John & I are heading to Savannah for the long weekend. I’m so excited to eat, drink, & spend quality time together (in no particular order, lol!) It’s our first trip in awhile (we’re both fully vaccinated + will be safe, masks & hand sanitizer are at the ready!) & I’m finding a lot of joy in planning this little getaway. Even though the forecast says rain, I have some fun restaurants & activities on the itinerary. I can’t wait!

Here’s a throwback to 2017, the last time John & I went to Savannah! It was pretty early on in our relationship & so much fun. We look like babies here!

Usually when I prepare for a trip, I immediately start buying new clothes. There’s something about a new outfit that can really boost my confidence! However, in an effort to decrease frivolous spending, I chose to shop my closet this time. I pulled out some fun dresses, a few festive options for the 4th, & got to packing! Here’s what I’ll be bringing on our weekend trip.

Outfits: What a surprise, I’m bringing mostly dresses. They’re easy to just throw on, keep me cool, & make me feel my most confident! What’s not to love? I’m linking a few of my favorite options here, here, & here. I’m planning on bringing 3-4 options, since it’s just a short trip!

Makeup: I’m so used to packing only the bare minimum makeup for when I bring a carry on to visit my sister, I’m excited to bring a little more makeup with me on this trip! I’ve been LOVING this foundation from Rare, it’s definitely a must-have for me. I’m linking a few more of my favorites here & here as well; let me know if you’d like to read an updated makeup routine post!

Hair: In years past, I would get my hair blown out before a trip. Now however, I’m embracing the curly life & wearing my hair naturally! I purchased a few travel sizes of some of my fave products, like this one & this one!

Shoes: After consulting my sis & my best friend, I think I’m going to stick to bringing my two essentials: a pair of white sneakers & comfy sandals.

Other Stuff: I ordered these bug spray wipes to use at nighttime. Can’t forget my sunscreen for daytime; you can’t go wrong with Supergoop!

Stay tuned for plenty of photos (sorry, John!) of us in Savannah.

Have a great weekend!


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