Supergoop! Glow Screen Review

Happy weekend!

Summer maybe looked different this year but one thing that stays the same, regardless of circumstance, time of year, or weather is how important it is to protect our skin! Wearing sunscreen is something I haven’t always been the most consistent with; I would lather up before a beach or pool day but the idea of putting it on every single day seemed so tedious to me.

I recently turned 25, & while I’m not really seeing signs of aging in my skin, I want to start preventing those things NOW. I want to protect my complexion against harmful UV rays so that issues with my skin down the road can hopefully be prevented.

I recently started using Supergoop! & I am SO impressed with their Glow Screen. This post isn’t sponsored or anything, I truly just felt like I needed to shout my praise for this product off of rooftops! It’s SPF 40, & works well as a hydrating primer before makeup. THE. GLOW. You guys, even without any makeup this product makes my skin look like an Instagram filter; it’s the perfect amount of glow for summertime (& let’s be real, all year long)!

I use this by itself as a sunscreen (like here!) & under makeup as a primer. Love it either way!

I’m holding my very first giveaway on my Instagram page, @daniellecdelgado. I love the Glow Screen so much, I want to gift one of my amazing followers with their own to try out & hopefully love just as much. It’s not sponsored, I just want to say thank you for following me. Check out my Instagram for more details!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Talk to you soon,


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