Weighing Less Does Not Mean Being Worth More

I’ve spent my whole life with the goal to try to lose weight. I would research the latest diets, fitness teas, tips & tricks because I wanted results FAST. It didn’t really matter to me if I did it in a healthy way, honestly.

My new health journey is VERY recent. Like literally only about two weeks old. I’m not doing anything drastic or restrictive, & honestly I find weight loss goals to be pretty triggering, so I’m not doing that either. I’m simply eating healthier (more vegetables, home-cooked meals, minimizing junk food), drinking more water, & moving my body. No rules, no fads, no counting, just doing what feels good. & THAT feels good!

I’ve done a lot of self reflection in the past year; just trying to separate myself from that unhealthy dieting culture, restrictive eating, etc. The goal was always weight loss: how much weight could I lose? How quickly could I go down sizes? I realized recently that I used to believe that weighing less would cause myself to love myself more; that somehow weighing less would add to my value as a person. That’s incredibly inaccurate. I know that now, & hope you do, too.

I’m focusing on my health for the first time, not my weight.

For the first time in my life, the goal is not to lose weight but instead to just be healthier. If weight loss comes with that, then I’ll love my body as it changes that way too. But I’m trying my best to not let that be the focus of why I’m doing this. I just want to be healthier & feel good.

I’ll keep you updated on this little health journey of mine! Don’t let diet culture & comparison rule your life; change your mindset into a healthier one first. It’s hard, but worth it.


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