Confidence in the Summertime

Ahh summertime.. the sunshine, the poolside drinks, & too often, the insecurities. Keep reading for some tips on how I embrace my body & aim to be my most confident self!

Summer might look a little different this year but I think a lot of people might agree that it’s usually the time when most of our insecurities really come out. I know in my case, I’ve let my struggles with body image really hinder my summer fun in the past. I remember beach days in high school when I’d cry & pinch my stomach fat. There were trips & events (even recently!) that I’d be so excited for, only to break down in tears the night before while packing because I felt terrible in all of my clothes. It’s something I’ve worked on; I’ve been open about how I still struggle with my confidence at times (that terrible voice in my head can get louder when I’m in a swim suit especially!) but I’d like to think that I’m the most confident I’ve ever been (most days, at least). Here are a few things I like to do to give myself my best chance at feeling confident, especially during summer activities!

1. I’m a firm believer that confidence comes from within, but if I’m hanging out by the pool or going to the beach, I want to wear a bathing suit that highlights my favorite parts of my body & makes me feel good. This black ruffled suit by Summersalt is so cute but also still fun with the lower cut & cheeky booty. Love it!

2. Before going out, & this seems pretty corny so stay with me here, I like to find some things in the mirror that I like about my body. The more time you spend complimenting yourself & focusing on even one good thing that you like, the more likely you are to actually start to believe it.

3. I spend time with people who make me feel valued! If you’re with friends & family who lift you up, there isn’t as much time for you to focus on your flaws. Try to see yourself from their perspective; I doubt they’re worried about how your stomach looks in your bikini, & if they are, they’re not the people you should be spending your time with. Try to relax & enjoy yourself.

That voice in your head, pointing out your “flaws”? Tell it to go take a hike. You’re beautiful, worthy, & deserving of having fun. If you’re interested in more self-love & body confidence content, check out the podcast I’m co-hosting with my sister! Our second episode is out & we talk about size inclusivity. I’ll link it here:

Cheers! (I’m drinking a piña colada while writing this, I hope you have one too!)


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