I’m Co-Hosting a Podcast!

This is Samantha! She’s my big sis/best friend/biggest inspiration/partner in crime.

Hi there!

I’m going to start out a little bit sappy today, but only because I miss my sister like CRAZY. Samantha is my absolute best friend; we lean on each other during the tough times & are first in line to celebrate each other during the happy times. Like so many of you I’m sure, I haven’t seen my sister since Christmas which is probably the longest we’ve EVER been apart. We’ve resorted to watching movies & drinking wine over FaceTime (still a pretty fun time, so I can’t complain too much!) but I can’t wait to be able to hug her & hang in person! Something that she & I have always talked about & supported each other through is our journeys toward body positivity; we’ve talked for hours & hours about our bodies, our goals, & our experiences, but in the last few years our conversations regarding our body image has become much more positive & about navigating this new healthier mindset.

We’ve been each other’s biggest fans since day 1!

We think everyone should have a sister to support them through their self love journey which is why… we started a podcast!

Our podcast, Can You Talk?, is all about self love & body confidence. Samantha & I each have our own stories to share & we also learn so much from each other. We have different body types & experiences but share a common goal of wanting to love ourselves better.

One of my favorite memories! It was our first night in Madrid & we danced flamenco on stage! (After delicious food & wine, obv.)

Some of my favorite conversations with readers since I’ve started this blog has been conversations about body image; I think this podcast will definitely be something that my readers can relate to & will hopefully enjoy listening to!

Our first episode is out now & available to listen to on Spotify, Google, & Apple podcasts. We hope you’ll listen & let us know what you think!

If you’re missing family members you can’t be with right now, I feel you & I’m with you. We’ll get through this!

Can’t wait to be able to hang out in person again BUT we are having so much fun co-hosting this podcast!


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