Black-Owned Businesses To Shop, Support, & Be Inspired By

I know many content creators, myself included, have taken this past week off to educate themselves & amplify Black voices. That work does not stop simply because the week is over; we must continue to reflect on our personal biases, educate ourselves as much as possible, & amplify Black voices in every way that we can. We cannot just take a week off & then go back to our usual programming.

I don’t want to center myself at all, so I’ll just leave it at the fact that I’m uncomfortable that it’s taken me so long to be more intentional about the brands I support, the creators I follow on social media, & the businesses I’m promoting on this blog. I’m sitting in that discomfort, as we all should; I will do better moving forward, as I continue to learn & advocate more.

Here are some businesses owned by women in the Black community that I’ve purchased products from this past week! I ordered a few things that I’m really excited for & I can’t wait to support these brands in the long run.

Juvia’s Place: I’ve heard really great things about this makeup brand (especially their eyeshadow palettes!) so I’m looking forward to playing with this palette and gel eyeliner set. Update: this palette is STUNNING & the eyeliner stays all day long (through the FL summer heat; I’m so impressed!)

The Tiny Tassel: I’ve been loving a bold earring, & these in the blush ombré will be so fun with summer outfits.

The Juno Studio (on Etsy!): Again, love a good bold earring. I can’t wait to style the mustard yellow ones!

The Baked Clay Studio: I honestly didn’t realize how many new earrings I had ordered until making this post! These are so colorful & fun; I love how unique they are. (The shop will be restocked on 6/11!) Update: I ordered another pair from Kristin because these are just that good!

I’m obsessed with these! The colors are beautiful & make me so happy!

Mary Louise Cosmetics: I bought the Miracle Serum to try, & if the reviews & before/after photos on Instagram are any indication I think I’ll love it! Update: This product is AMAZING. I will repurchase for the rest of my life, I’m not kidding!

Loving Culture: Something I’ve always struggled with is a dry, flaky scalp; I’m hoping this hair oil might do the trick! Update: This oil is super soothing on my scalp and has taken the flakes away! DS

I can’t wait to update you on these products once I receive them & try them out! Behind these brands are inspiring, beautiful Black women who deserve all of the support & success. I hope you’ll check out their businesses! Moving forward on this blog, I will continue to share & explore my love of fashion, beauty & self care but I will be intentional in highlighting Black-owned businesses.

Sending you light!


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