My Interview with Carmindy from Carmindy Beauty and “What Not to Wear”!

Hi there!

I told myself to try to play it cool but I’m FREAKING out because I had the pleasure of interviewing Carmindy! She’s been one of my favorite makeup artists for as long as I can remember. I have vivid memories of watching the show “What Not To Wear” for hours & hours, & hearing her makeup tips was my favorite part. She launched her makeup line, Carmindy Beauty, in 2019 with QVC & has continued to inspire women around the world to enhance their natural beauty.

Carmindy inspires me because she empowers women to feel their most confident! She has a less is more approach to makeup, & helps women enhance their natural beauty with high quality beauty products she creates with busy, powerful women in mind. During this interview, we chatted about what inspires her, getting through difficult times, & her morning routine. Keep reading to be as inspired by Carmindy as I am!

1. What is the one beauty product that makes you feel most confident, especially if you’re having a bad day?

My CARMINDY BEAUTY Foundation @qvc it’s everything!!!! You can use it thin as a tint or like medium coverage depending on the type of skin day you are having.

2. Who or what inspired your “less is more” approach when it comes to makeup?

My momma Julie Bowyer who was a watercolorist when I was growing up. Sheer washes of pigment on a canvas inspired me to try it with makeup and it always looked timeless and beautiful.

3. How do you empower yourself when going through difficult times?

Staying positive, lots of humor, hanging with happy, empowered friends and using creative visualization to manifest what’s next. Also let things go. Holding on to negativity serves nobody!

4. What does your typical morning routine look like?

I always wake up with my Insight Timer app music playing. Then I put on a 5 minute guided meditation from the same app. Next, I make myself herbal tea or coffee (if I’m still tired), eat a healthy breakfast and read the news in the Need2Know app as it gives me the musts without going into the hellish news on tv. I don’t have a tv. Then I go to Rumble Training (clearly not now since everything is shut down). After that it’s work work work.

Carmindy is every bit as kind & magical as I imagined she’d be. This was the coolest experience & I’m so honored that she was willing to be interviewed for this blog! Let’s talk about her makeup products: I’m the BIGGEST fan of her 5 Minute Face Kit; it’s been featured on this blog a bunch of times already, but only because I use it every. single. day! It comes with the:

One of my favorite makeup purchases, ever! It’s on sale right now, linked here.

Carmindy mentioned that her foundation is a product she counts on to amp up her confidence. I haven’t tried it yet (placing an order to try it ASAP; might try her whole Carmindizing Skin System!) but I know that it will be incredible. I can’t wait to try out her other products!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Carmindy. She is so inspiring & creates beautiful products that I love. I highly recommend her 5 Minute Face kit, & I’ll definitely report back with a review of any other products I try. Please support her makeup line & let me know how much you love the products, too! I’ve linked her beauty website in case you’re interested in getting to know Carmindy more (she also just launched a new online show, In(Her) Beauty, make sure to watch!) , her products on QVC (they’re on sale + she launches a new lipgloss trio TODAY!) & her Instagram.

Thanks so much for reading!


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