Finding Joy in Every Day

We arrived in Barcelona this morning! It’s incredibly beautiful & by far the best food I’ve ever eaten.

There is something about traveling & exploring a brand new place that makes me want to live in the moment, on vacation & in my daily life. Life is so short, & seeing so much beauty surrounding me in Spain on this trip brings a new appreciation to the time that I have.

I ordered a kebab for dinner tonight & John had paella. Of course we had patatas bravas to share! There is something about the food in Spain that makes you really stop to enjoy every bite.

I struggle with anxiety (I’m sure I’ll be doing a post about my mental health journey really soon!) & living in the moment does not come easily to me. There are so many times when I feel so weighed down by my anxiety; this trip has felt really freeing. My heart (& stomach!) has felt so full.

It’s probably so easy for me to embrace this mindset now as I lay in my hotel in Barcelona, hearing locals enjoying tapas,l down below, but I want to find happiness in my everyday moments. Not just on vacation, or when there is an exciting event coming up, or when it’s finally the weekend after a long week. I want to find joy in a Monday morning on my way to work, in cooking dinner with my boyfriend on a week night, in catching up with good friends on the phone.

We are given this one life & we get to choose what to do with it. So often, I get swept into wishing my time away (“I can’t wait for this weekend!” “I wish this week could speed up so I could leave for my trip!” “I can’t wait for summer!” as though I’m waiting for a time to find happiness & joy. There is no better time than right now!

I hope this will remind both of us to find joy in every single day, the exciting events & the more monotonous days. When we’re sitting on a perfect balcony in Barcelona eating patatas bravas (I’m seriously eating my weight in those on this trip, SO. GOOD.) or when we’re at home watching Netflix & packing our lunches for work tomorrow. I hope you find joy!


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