Packing for Vacation in JUST a Carry On!

Ready to go! 😍💃🏻

John & I are getting ready to go on vacation (any guesses where we’re going!?) & I am only taking a carry on suitcase! We’ll be gone for a week, & the weather will be a little all over the place, so I have to be strategic with what I pack. Packing in just a carry on makes traveling so easy! The only downside is not being able to pack as many outfit options; I hope that the things I pack will let me mix & match & create a variety of different outfits!

Sometimes, going on vacation can amplify my body image issues. I really work it up in my head just HOW cute I want to look on my trip; then, sometimes, I’ll end up regretting packing everything I brought. I end up in tears the night before I leave, trying on outfits & not loving anything I picked. I’m not sure if I’m just more critical of how I look when I know pictures will be taken, or if I’m reverting back to comparing myself to others, but regardless it’s something I really want to avoid this trip. I tried to only bring things that make me feel confident & that I can wear from day to night. Here’s what I’m bringing!

Shoes: This is a casual trip + a lot of walking, so I’m only bringing a pair of comfy white sneakers! My Tretorns came highly recommended by Jess Keys (aka thegoldengirl, I would trust her with my life haha, please go read her blog!), & they are PERFECT! Cute enough to wear with dresses, supportive enough to walk around in all day.

Jeans: I’m bringing one pair of dark wash skinny jeans because I feel like those are the most versatile! I was on the hunt for a dark wash straight leg pair but haven’t been able to find the right fit so far (please leave suggestions!)

Dresses: I’ve said it like ten times already but I feel most confident wearing flowy, girly dresses. So why not bring them on my trip?! It’ll be a little chilly but nothing my faux leather jacket can’t fix!

Tops: I’m bringing a black puffy shoulder top that I ordered from BooHoo, a black bodysuit (also from BooHoo + definitely slightly more scandalous than what I typically wear, but wanted something fun to wear out!), & a ruffled blouse from Target.

Skirts: I’m bringing my favorite skirt, a leopard midi that goes with almost all of the tops I’m bringing!

Jacket: I’ve been loving my faux leather jacket from Nordstrom Rack!

Makeup: I had to be pretty minimalistic with the makeup I’m bringing! I’m hoping to do an everyday makeup tutorial on this trip, stay tuned!

I also took a few steps to feel more confident while on this trip! I made sure to get my nails done & my hair done. It makes vacation feel extra special! (+ fingers crossed I won’t have to wash my hair!)

I love how sleek my hair turned out! It’ll save me so much time to not have to worry about taming my mane.

Packing everything that I need in just a carry on is definitely a challenge but hopefully I’ll be happy with my choices! It was actually pretty fun to plan my outfits out this time & to make each item really count. I’ll keep you updated on how I’m feeling when we get there!

Have a great weekend,


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