Picking Yourself Back Up After a Bad Day

Going for a walk in the sunshine (preferably with my pup!) usually makes a bad day seem a little brighter.

Today was a bad day. One of those hold-back-tears-all-day, order-pasta-on-Uber-Eats- and-drink-wine-when-you-get-home, only-watching-Lizzie-McGuire-on-Disney+-will-help kind of days. I’m sure you’ve been there (& hopefully have healthier coping skills than I do!) and it sucks. It really, really sucks. We all have bad days, (albeit hopefully only once in a while!), but it’s how we handle them & what we learn from them that matters most. If you’re having a rough time today, oof girl I feel you. I know it feels awful in the moment, but you will get through it & you will have a brand new start tomorrow! Read on for some tips on how I deal with less than ideal days.

Acknowledge your feelings: You are upset & your feelings are 100% VALID! Bad days are the worst & maybe you’re feeling sad or hurt or angry or frustrated. LET YOURSELF FEEL THAT WAY! Without judgement, without justification.

Talk it out: Maybe it’s a FaceTime with your big sis, happy hour with your best friend, or a snuggle sesh with your boyfriend & pets. Talk to someone about how you are feeling! Trust me, you don’t want all of that negative energy staying pent up inside. I promise you’ll feel at least a little lighter once you vent; and hey, a margarita doesn’t hurt either!

Take action: A lot of the time, bad days are out of our control. Once you’ve survived the day & are in your cozy sweatpants, it’s time to take some of your power back. Do something that will help you feel better! Write down a to-do list if you’re feeling overwhelmed with work tasks, give yourself a facial or work out if you’re feeling anxious, or watch movies with your girlfriends if you’re upset. Choose something that makes your soul happy & will lift you up!

If you are reading this & had a bad day, I’m sending you the biggest hug right now. I hope these tips (that I will for sure be using tonight!) give you some ideas for how to feel at least a little bit better. Take deep breaths, you’ve got this. Tomorrow is a new day!


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